Welcome to our Summer Sixes 2019

This is our 16th season hosting our Summer Sixes Football Competition. Just select a team name on the nomination form, choose your uniforms that we will supply and we'll take care of the rest.


All of the competitions where possible, will consist of 6 teams will play 14 rounds with most matches per division played concurrently, in the same time slot and day every week. Please note that the days and timeslots are indicative only and are subject to change prior the comp commencing.

For example: if there are insufficient numbers of teams to for individual age groups for juniors, they could be combined, ie. Under 7/8 and Under 9/10. If this arises or any other circumstances at my discretion, please be aware that timeslots and the day that is shown may change.

Dates & Times

Wednesdays 23rd October till 18th December 2019,
then 22nd January until 19th February 2020.

Thursdays 24th October till 19th December 2019,
then 23rd January till 20th February 2020.

Finals to follow.


Camdenville Oval
65 May St, St Peters NSW 2044

Match times Age/Divisions Player Fees
5:40pm Under 12 Girls $165 each
5:40pm Under 14 Girls $165 each
6:15pm Under 16 Girls $165 each
6:15, 7:00, 7:45, 8:30pm All Age Women $220 each
7:00, 7:45, 8:30pm Over 30 Women $220 each
5:40pm Under 8-10 Boys $165 each
6:15pm Under 12-13 Boys $165 each
6:50pm Under 14-15 Boys $165 each
7:30pm Over 35 Men $220 each
8:15pm All Age Men $220 each

  • Six a side including the goalkeeper
  • 15 minutes for junior teams, 20 minutes for seniors [Ladies, Men, O35] per half
  • No slide tackles. If you make a slide tackle 1st tackle will be a yellow card then a 2nd slide tackle by the same player will warrant a 2nd yellow card, thus a red card.
  • Corner kicks you may score directly from.
  • All defending players must stand 5 mtrs from the ball for any restart of play.
  • No offside.
  • Kick-ins [No throw-ins].
  • Unlimited interchange.
  • Mini goals - 5 mtrs x 1.8 mtrs
  • All free kicks are indirect except in the penalty box where all freekicks are direct except for a backpass, resulting in a penalty from 5m line.
  • A restart from a goal kick (by a Goalkeeper or Field Player) must not cross the half way line on the full. If the ball lands in the opposition half, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the half way line.
  • The Goalkeeper must not throw or kick from his/her hands over the half way line on the full. If the ball lands in the opposition half, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the half way line.
  • Field dimensions: 40 mtrs x 25 mtrs.
  • Teams & Registration

    To enter a team just complete the team nomination form below, then we will supply you with payment details for you to pay for the whole team. Once you have completed this process your team will be entered into the comp. The next step is to register your players (please download form below), you can register up to 12 players, may we suggest a minimum of 8 players per team.


    The cost per team to enter is $200 for team nomination and $220* per player for seniors and $165 per player for juniors. For this we will provide:

  • a full strip for each player.
  • referees for each match.
  • all equipment (match balls, cones, cornerflags etc).
  • basic player insurance cover.
  • trophies to the winners and medals for all runners up.
  • experienced event management.
  • last but not least, a great time to be had by one and all!
  • * A surcharge of $20 will apply if a senior player did not play in the 2019 winter season, plus $25 fee for anyone who doesn't have an FFA number.


    We are pleased to announce the option of having children join in our summer program,
    play 4 free every Wednesdays. This opportunity is open to players 3-8 years of age both
    boys and girls who would like to play some football over the summer.

    If you would like your child/footballer to participate in some extra training during the off-season as well as play in the summer comp,
    please contact me (Paris) on 0407400753 or email on so we can discuss your player’s needs.

    Reveal Yourself

    The “Summer Sixes” is a chance for you all to “Reveal Yourself”!

    While your team mates will reveal their many hidden talents on the football field, providing a unique teambuilding experience.
    Not to mention exposing these talents to the opposition thus creating
    further social networking and a chance to write your own history
    by taking home the winners’ trophy!

    Team Nomination

    For your place in the competition to be confirmed, you must ensure
    that the minimum number of players (8) are registered by competition start.

    Submitting your nomination does not guarantee immediate registration.

    Please fill in the required fields and we will contact you to
    confirm your registration.

    All players need to download and complete a Player Registration Form.

    For more information, please email

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